Whether by choice or chance, everyone at sometime is faced with cooking for a large group. Know that with a good recipe and a good plan you can have control of your entertaining destiny and prepare dishes for your guests with confidence.

Renee has organized her catering recipes and techniques from countless special occasions, ceremonies and holiday gatherings into an easy to follow book.

Cook Like a Caterer, offers over 240 party sized recipes suited for a variety of themes. Included is an extensive list of helpful beverage services, food yields and suggested equipment for recipes that work well as a station. Plus, many recipes contain catering notes that will help a fledgling caterer with their career.

First Edition - Format soft cover

Print book, 246 pages, 9"x7.25".

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Second Edition - Format IPad

This multi-touch Ebook can be viewed on the Apple IPad.

A beautiful multi touch cookbook with full color pictures of every recipe.

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Third Edition  - Format PDF

This Ebook, Can be viewed on any computer, epad or smart-phone device.

Formated book style with full color pictures of every recipe.

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